The KäseStrasse Bregenzerwald , Austria Alps


I was invited by RUPP SMOKED cheese to take place in a food blogger event in Mellau Bregenzerwald.

Words can't describe the  stunning view  and the amazing atmosphere in one single place.


During the event I had chance to cook with the local chef and to visit The KäseStrasse Bregenzerwald to see how the cheese is produced on that region.

Getting up to the Alps, we could hear the The evocative sound of cow bells echoing over Alpine scenery.

 Bregenzerwald isn’t a street or a road , but it's a union of experts from various disciplines in the Austria Alps . Throughout the whole year, the members organise events, invite people to tasting sessions, and initiate guests into the secrets of cheese production in the Vorarlberg region. It's an amazing experience and Here I am to show you this fantastic place. 



 We can find stations on the trail include the modern cheese cellar in Lingenau, where several thousand blocks of cheese are left to mature; the Käsehaus , open seven days a week and selling the entire range of delicacies from the Bregenzerwald; and the alpine dairy school in Egg where you can make your own cheese.


A peaceful atmosphere and a captivating ambiance will envelop you as you explore this magnificent place. 


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