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No gym? No equipment? No problem!


Guys, I have a good news for you, you can exercise anywhere you go , 

                  EVEN on your holidays. 

I will show you that "no gym, no excuses " . Use your imagination and let's go!!!!!!!

In the past , the holiday for me means , eat everything you want, put on some extra weight , feel guilty and worse. 

Since I went to Brazil in 2015 for the 6 weeks summer holiday, I came back with extras 6 kgs ,after that 

    I said for myself, 

I had enough ,

 Mainly because I live a healthy lifestyle, and the lifestyle you can take with you wherever You go.

I starting training my mind and it worked. Nowadays, when I am on holiday, I am fitter, motivated, healthy and happier. Doesn't matter where you are, if your mind determines, your body accomplished. 

You just need to pack your trainers and a sports clothes and that's it!!!

Don’t let a lack of dumbbells prevent you from getting a total-body workout. These bodyweight moves target all your muscle groups — without any fancy equipment.

Everyone can become stronger, leaner and healthier by using the best piece of exercise equipment invented — the human body! If you don’t have access to a gym or if you are on holiday this total-body workout is for you.

I always Start with  cardio, I do running but you can do any others for you want. 

Perform two to three sets of each exercise with 60 seconds of rest between sets. Or, try performing these moves as a circuit: Do one set of each exercise without breaks, resting 60 seconds after the last move and repeating two to three times.

All done. Ready to go!!!!!!!

Live healthy, live longer

Making just a few changes in your lifestyle can help you live longer.

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