How to start running / how to run a half marathon



Running has the power to change your life. It will make you fitter, healthier, even happier. 

How/why did I start running ? 


I started to run because when I had my second children  I didn't have anyone to help me to look after my baby to give me at least one hour at the gym and the gym didn't have nursery to look after my baby.

As I always liked exercise I had to find a workout to keep myself fit and motivated. 

I decided to buy a good baby pushchair to allow myself to run around the village where I live . Since them, I hasn't stop anymore .

Even going to the gym, I do my weekend outside running every weekend. 

How to start running?

No one start running from the night to day. You need a preparation to become a runner and to run a half marathon.

I recommend you to begin by adding small segments of running into your walk. Start with four to five minutes of walking,then alternate with some running, always ending with a walking segment to cool down. Aim for running at an easy, conversational pace three days a week, with rest days in between. Over time, work up to running four to five days.

How to prepare for a half marathon? 

Believe it or not, if your long runs are up to three miles, you're ready to train for a half marathon. Running 13.1 miles might seem impossible now, but you will make it, as long as you take it one week and one mile at a time. With a positive mind-set, smart pacing, and strategic walk breaks, you'll be prepped to successfully complete a half .

Cardiff half marathon

Believe me or no, I am a running , I like to do a long running, but I don't fancy to do many half marathons during the year. 

The Cardiff half marathon is one that I really enjoying doing it. It's my 4th time and each year I get faster .

I am glad to be invited to run for the prostrate cancer research to help them to raise money for the charity 

Even I have lost most of the video at the download time, Here you can a little of my stunning experience.


Hope you enjoy it!  

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