OCTO chocolate




Hi Guys, I had a great opportunity to taste the delicious, high quality , raw vegan OCTO Chocolate.

They are luxury in taste, a high quality and their image is impeccable . 

When I received the OCTO Chocolate at home I have been so surprised with the amazing high standard packets great for giving as a gift . I though straight away for the birthday, Christmas or any other celebration gift. Everyone  will be pleased to have a great opportunity to taste their amazing products.

I am so impressed with  OCTO Chocolate product that I came to share with you.

ABOUT OCTO Chocolate


The OCTO Chocolate is a new brand creation focusing on healthy fitness lifestyle. 

 The brand offering small bathes of chocolate products, made from selected organic cocoa beans and sweetened only with coconut blossom sugar.

The chocolates are made of Ecuadorian cocoa beans Arriba Nacional, cocoa beans from Sambirano no.1 plantation, Peruvian washed,  dried and disinfected Trinitario  cocoa beans and nibs which are used for the RAW chocolate production. 

They are very customer focused and quality product orientated if you have a particular request you can always contact their personally on their website and they can see if their contact can be for-filed. 



They have different products for each taste and moment.

* OCTO Almonds Coated in Dark Chocolate - Arriba Nacional

* OCTO Almonds Coated in Raw Chocolate

* OCTO Almonds Coated in Raw Chocolate with Coconut Water

* OCTO Brazil Nuts Coated in Raw Chocolate

* OCTO Brazil Nuts Coated in Raw Chocolate with Coconut Water

* OCTO Cashews Coated Nuts in Dark Chocolate & Coffee

* OCTO Chocolate Classic Dark 70% - Arriba Nacional

* OCTO Figs Coated in Raw Chocolate

* OCTO Raw Chocolate Dark 65% with Goji and Cocoa Nibs

* OCTO Raw Chocolate with Coconut Milk


Where to buy


You can buy online here



They are in London at the BBC Good Food Show at Olympia Hall/London/ STAND G40 on ‪11-13th Nov‬.

The final exhibition this year will be  at Olympia Hall/London  at the Ideal Home Show/STAND F716 ‪23-27 Nov‬ 

Special Promotion

Keep an eye on their website on Upcoming before Christmas Special promotions and of course on OCTO Chocolate Media channels. 

Octo Chocoltae Ltd.
46 Station Road, London, HA2 7SE
Phone: 0044 7541064396


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