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SensiLight mini 
Product review 

As you already know, it's not a pleasure at all to have to wax or to shave regularly. 

For me hair remove is a troublesome and time consuming process, even using the epilators that remove the hair from the follicle and let the body soother for longer the same process has to be repeat in every 2 weeks. 

Fortunately, I found the sensiLight Mini by Sensica that is a revolution hair removal.

Sooner a realised that the Sensica is a brand that produces advances esthetic tools that enable you to implement professional beauty treatments right from your own home. 

Happy days 😀!!!!


In just a week I received the product at home. 
The package when it arrives is boxed with a full instruction book and a smaller leaflet with a quick guide of instructions. 

The kit is of good quality and is comfortable to hold and use. 

I was so exited that I started using in the following day. 

It has been the easiest and more convenient  self-care methodologies that I have so far without having the trouble  with going to a beauty salon to pay a lots of money in the IPL hair remover. 

Now you have been asking, what is sensiLight sensica?

SensiLight sensica

sensiLight mini by sensica, is the revolutionary hair 
hair removal device for home use, professional-grade, 
non-invasive solutions for permanent results.

SensiLight is based on the company’s advanced, FDA-cleared Reactive Pulsed Light (RPL™) technology that transforms the powerful and complex permanent hair removal technologies used in clinics and medical spas into a hand-held device that can be used in the privacy and comfort of one’s own home.

You can use in on your arms, legs, bikini line, underarms, back and even suitable for face hair- like upper lip or cheeks. Also lots of men's buy the device and love it.

The results are truly amazing.

The number of treatment is between 8-12 depend on the skin type and hair color.

The 1–4 treatments will be approximately two weeks apart, followed by four-weeks' time intervals.

What is IPL?

IPL stands for intense pulsed light, and it is a form of light therapy, used for various dermatological procedures including hair removal.



Cleared by the FDA, the Mini can achieve permanent hair reduction – with an emphasis on the word reduction. Don’t expect to be hair-free forever, but do expect to see a drastic difference in the growth rate and thickness of the hair you remove. 

Before using the device, you’ll need to cleanse, shave, and towel-dry the skin beforehand.  Removing the hair will make the laser more comfortable as well as allow it to penetrate the hair follicles better for improved results!  

Note: do not treat the tested area for
 at least 1 week after the 
preliminary test is done with the 
lowest energy level. 


The  sensiLight mini has 3 different energy levels to choose from — the higher energy  level, the faster you’ll see results!  For my legs and arms , I started off using the device at level 2 moving for the level 3, for The bikini I started at level 1 moving on to level 2 and for  the upper lip I started with the level 1 and I don't move it up.


You’ll be able to set the level according to your convenience. Only if you feel comfortable you may reach the maximum level 3.

Unfortunately, dark skin tones are still unsuitable for use with this unit, 
so keep that in mind. If you enjoy tanning or have naturally dark skin, 
the Mini may not be a good fit for you.


Now it's time to treat. Press the trigger button and hold it pressed for continuous pulsing. While pressing the trigger button, you will see a bright flash , you will hear a popping noise and you may feel a mild stinging or heat sensation. 

The best thing is that the device 
recharge immediately and will be ready for 
the next pulse. 

Repeat the process until the entire treatment area has been covered.

You’ll treat the area in every 2 weeks . I’ll usually do my treatments after shower. 


I actually noticed results after just the second treatment!  My hair grew in noticeably finer and there were even a couple patches where I didn’t even see any regrowth during the 2-week ! I’m super happy with how this has worked out for me and I hope that with a month using the sensiLight mini by sensica my legs will be  hair free! 

As the sensiLight works best on dark hair or hair that contain more melanin, I know that there is some parts of my body that will take more time than another to finish the treatment .  

Where to buy? 

To buy the  SensiLight mini sensica click  here

To buy the trysensica click here

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  1. Maravilhoso!!!!!!!! Quero muito um....

  2. It's true that hair removal is part of your regular beauty routine and I observe that laser hair removal is one of the best ways to remove unwanted hair from the face and body. I am happy because you update us with best laser hair removal product. So, I think it is not a dangerous way to remove hairs.