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·      14:10, 18 FEB 2017

A mum from the Cynon Valley has been shortlisted for a national award for her fitness and parenting blog.
Kerllen Rego, who has 290,000 followers on Instagram for her online publication Healthy Fit Mum, is up for the 2017 UK Blog Awards, which celebrates the best creative writers, photographers and vloggers across 17 different categories.

Kerllen began writing in 2013, and was selected as one of the eight finalists for the sports and fitness category.
She will find out if she’s won at a special ceremony later this year.
She posts loads of amazing pictures of food...

Kerllen said: “Being a full-time mother and teaching English as an additional language (EAL) to children from different schools, it is amazing that, through my blog I am able to share my passion for sports and fitness with others to promote a healthy, motivating lifestyle.
And fitness

“I hoped to let other women know that becoming a parent does not prevent them from doing what they love. This creative space allows me to share the ongoing adventures I have with my family and give my readers all of my best tips and advice.
“I could not be happier with being chosen as a finalist to the UK Blog Awards. I believe it offers great recognition and proof that you should always pursue a career path you love.”
On her blog , Kerllen describes herself as a “Sneakeraholic”, adding: “I’m passionate about fitness, travel and fashion. This blog is a place where I am sharing the things I love.”
Recent entries include a recipe for healthy peanut cake and another banoffee pie, as well as plenty of workout tips.
Gemma Newton, UK blog awards director, said: “The 2017 UK Blog Awards is set to be our biggest and best yet, and we’re so excited by the shortlist of talented bloggers.
“The rise of social media channels has changed the way online content is perceived and the world of blogging and vlogging has never been so creative or influential. With 2,400 entries, and over 96,000 votes cast the finalists have done extremely well to get to this stage, and we look forward to recognising their hard work at our awards night.”

Panels of experts in each category sector will judge all shortlisted entries and Kerllen will find out if she has been crowned the winner at an event in London on April 21.

The @healthy_fitmum was founded in 2013 on the Instagram as a hobby . As a busy mum living a healthy lifestyle I decided to create some healthy recipe posts to share between friends and family. 

The Instagram  grew at an incredible rate and I openned my account for the public. In 2015, after a lot of requirements , I started developing new projects and the Instagram received others social media  as 
YouTube , TwitterFacebook , blog and Pinterest.

During this years, my articles, recipes, tips and interviews have appeared in  newspapers, magazines, websites and TV, including…

Kerllen Bittencourt Rego é brasileira e vive no Reino Unido há 18 anos. Desde 2013 resolveu compartilhar nas redes sociais seu estilo de vida saudável e para sua surpresa o que começou como um hobby  tornou- se uma profissão.  

" Tudo começou por incentivo da minha irmã que sempre me pedia para compartilhar meu estilo de vida e  as receitas que elaborava, mas não passava de um hobby". contou Kerllen

Ao todo com 400k de seguidores em 8 redes sociais ,  de vários lugares do mundo, este ano Kerllen  foi selecionada como finalista do prêmio UK Blog Award 2017. A premiação, que  conta com o apoio do cinema Odeon, busca reconhecer os blogueiros profissionais que se destacam no mercado digital. 

Além de blogueira,  Kerllen é formada em Marketing pela London Middlesex e trabalha como professora em quatro  escolas no País de Gales.
" Sou apaixonada por vida saudável e pelas redes socais, eu mesma alimento minhas páginas e perfis que criei de acordo com a minha rotina diária que é bem corrida já que trabalho fora de casa, sou mãe e não tenho ajudante." disse Kerllen.

Agora é  manter o pensamento positivo e torcer para Kerllen levar a premiação do concurso!
Para segui- lá nas redes socais
Facebook : healthy_fitmum
Instagram: healthy_fitmum
Twitter: @kerllenkerllen
Snapchat healthy_fitmum
YouTube - vlogger- Kerllen Bittencourt Rego 
Pinterest . Kerllen Rego 


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  1. Congratulations my friends! I wish you many success, this is only the beginning. <3

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