Viva Brazil steakhouse


Viva Brazil 


Yes, I couldn't have chosen the best place to celebrate my 13th wedding anniversary. 

As a traditional Brazilian, eating at a churrascaria is just like feeling at home being in other country.

Luckily I have got the VIVA BRAZIL CHURRASCARIA  , Brazilian steak house near home. It is worth the price, in terms of the quality of the experience, in terms of the food quality and the quantity.

How's the food?


You have a selected of 16 cuts of meat including picanha cut (it's the Brazilian favourite ) , maminha , fraudinha, ribs, sausages,chicken heart , grilled foods, spice chicken, pork, lamb and mutton. Typically, as the South American style that it is seasoning the barbecued meat liberally with rock salt, and nothing else, the meats are cooked long and slowly on a long skewer over a rotating rack (the rodizio) above mild heat, so that the meat is tender and juicy. Uhhh!!!! We can't forget the delicious cinnamon pineapple as after meal. 

There is an amazing help yourself selection of Gourmet Salads including tuna salad, chicken peas, and raw vegetables and the hot dishes including polenta, beef stew, white rice and the traditional feijoada that it's a black beans stew , cooked with Chorizo, pork ribs and pork shoulder , farofa (stir-fried manioc flour) and others. 


They also offers the variate of a TRADITIONAL DISHES – VEGETARIAN that includes  oven roasted courgettes, filled with sweetcorn, green onion, black beans, tomatoes, cream cheese, yoghurt, spices and cilantro filling served with fried halloumi fries and drizzled in honey; and unlimited salad bar and you also can choose for a fish menu.

Viva Brazil is a welcome children restaurant, the children can choose between a special children menu or a rodízio. 



The essence of a churrascaria is the delight in feasting until you're satisfied .  It means , eat as much as you like . 



Before to go to the dining room you can stop in the bar for an aperitif.

They have the expertise to make you any cocktail you might desire.

The traditional drink is a caipirinha, the national cocktail of Brazilian lime chunks, sugar, ice and cachaça, the Brazilian cane spirit.


An authentic caipirinha will have a stick for the drinker to crush the lime and stir in the sugar to suit his or her taste.  

How does it work? 

Each host have a small indicator next to his plate, showing Yes, please/Go/Green or No, thanks/Stop/Red , the signal the server to bring more or to give a time .  

The servers (garçom )  will circulate around the tables with the long sword-like skewer supported  vertically over a plate and a small carving knife to cut off as you'd like.  


The meat  will come to your table until turn the red sign that means, I had enough, thank you!!! 


The Viva Brazil has a fair price . The price vary from weekdays, lunch and dinner. If you have children, Just like me, it's fantastic, the children under 10 years old eat for free and from 10 to 16 pay just half price. 
You also can get the loyalty card for free. It gives you 10% off food bill every time you dine.

My experience 

I couldn't be chosen the best place for the celebration. Everything was impeccable, the food was delicious, the staffs were amazing, I will come back soon. 


Thank you VIVA BRAZIL CHURRASCARIA for make our day!

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  1. Estar na Inglaterra e ir em uma churrascaria brasileira, não tem preço. hehehe