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Brazilian beauty secrets can make you become more attractive and more beautiful like the Brazilian women. You may see many gorgeous Brazilian women who possess a well-built body, thick long hair, perfect nails, well shaped eyebrows and soft skin.
It is not just about their special genes. The Brazilian women always pay attentions to their health and beauty. They never skip a weekly excellent beauty routine that I can called the Brazilian beauty secrets.

You have to be a Brazilian , just like me 😊 to understand it. 

I will try to tell you  a little bit about it. 

As a traditional Brazilian, I love everything that make me feel beauty. I used to go to the hair beauty Salon every week to do my nails, hair, wax, eyebrown . In 2001 I have decided to move to London to my degree Marketing management at the Middlesex University.

It wasn't easy, I have been in many beauty salons but nothing could compare with the Brazilian one, to look like exactly as I would like I had to learn to do all the beauty treatments on my own, but my passion for the Brazilian beauty salon never finished. 

Everytime that I have the opportunity to spend hours in the Brazilian beauty salon I do it, mainly because There is any in Wales.

As I went to London for the UK blog award 2017, I booked a pamper day at Da Silva Beauty Salon ,  As I was the finalist, I would like to look stunning. πŸ’•

Treatments that I have done 

Brazilian keratin blow dry 


I have to thanks to the Brazilian straightening procedures to makes my hair looks shining, straightening and stunning. I have never found any other hair treatments as the Brazilian Keratin Blow Dry. 

Originally developed in Brazil, this innovative treatment process transforms the hair by using natural sources of Keratin which penetrates the hair repairing internal damage and coats
the hair preventing further damage.The results are smooth, silky and straight hair. 

It is not a chemical that restructures the hair. It is a replenishing treatment that reconditions and protects the hair from water and heat damage while enhancing it’s natural shine. 

Depending on hair type and frequency
of washing, results last between two and four months. If regular treatments are maintained, you will immediately see the quality of your hair grown following the Brazilian Blow Dry. 

Thanks Rita for the amazing work that you have done on my hair . All the procedure you can find on my YouTube.

Brazilian nails

We all Brazilian are obsessed for a well done nails. 

We look for perfection . 

The secret to make the Brazilian nails unique is how the cuticles are treated. The cuticles should be completely removed (as in not just trimmed and cleaned—literally removed) to reveal a cleaner look. I love it. ❤️


The Brazilian Slopes the polish all over the fingers and toes to guarantee that the whole entire nail bed gets painted, including the edges, which makes it last longer. Sure enough, over a week later my nails were still fully painted, shiny, and unchipped, even after spending a couple days on the beach. That's definitely longer than any manicure .

The Brazilian loves red or nude as you can see on the photo above . 😊

 Once you try it you will never feel the same. 

Look at the video for the Brazilian nails tutorial .

Well shaped Eyebrown 

As you can realised the Brazilian loves a pamper day. We can spend all day at the beauty Salon treating ourselves. 😊

The shaped eyebrows are essential for the Brazilian women . 


The  eyes do all the talking even before we speak . 

The eyebrow shape really sharpens up our features and gives us that a posh appearance . The eyebrows are a very important and defining feature on your face and framing the eyes. 

The right eyebrow shape can brighten your appearance and make you look more youthful. 

Thanks da Silva Beauty salon for the stunning eyebrown Microblading that you have done for me.
The procedure you can find out on my YouTube.

The end 

I hope that you have enjoyed the Brazilian beauty secrets.
If you are in London or nearby I recommend you to visit the Da Silva Salon to have the stunning pamper day.

Pamper your day!

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