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FizzUp, the French online fitness training app


FizzUp French digital personal trainer app with over

1.5 millions users 

The app provides you a short sections of bodyweight workouts that are easy to access and great for workouts at home, while traveling, at the park or at the gym.This brilliant app will help you to get back in shape, build muscle or lose weight in just 6 weeks.

 The app measures your progress at the end of each section, making you feel more motivated

How does the FizzUp app work?

The FizzUp personal trainer will guide you toward your goal to get back in shape or strengthen your muscles by creating a personalized full-body training program. Exercises are adapted to suit your physical fitness level using a fitness evaluation and the beginning and end of every level to help you make maximum progress. 

The FizzUp trainer will support you and answer your questions so that you stay motivated and never feel alone. Your friends can also follow your progress and give you a boost of encouragement any time you need! You’re guaranteed not to lose motivation, which is the key to your fitness success! 

The app also uses a tool called the Rhythm, which is a meter that counts how many workouts you've done in a row. The app uses this feature to send you workout reminders to keep you motivated to work our regularly (every other day).

FizzUp PRO (the paid version of the app) includes the Add-ons (optional blocks of cardio, abdominal and stretching exercises) and the Focus programs (targeted mini-workouts) in addition to the basic warm-up and strength training exercises.

They've recently added a new feature that enables you to get access to your progress reports for every level when you invite 3 friends who sign up for the app.

My favorite/most challenging exercises

I love full-body workouts 

and I really like challenging myself. My favourite exercises were squats to plank that tone the core, which is important for balance and stability, and burpees, which is a full-body strength training exercise that works your arms, chest, quads, glutes, hamstrings and abs. 

One is the complementary of the other. 

I loved it!!!!!

My overall experience during level 1

As we already know, even though many people are talking about health and fitness nowadays, they don't know how to start to get fit. Some people feel embarrassed to join to a gym, or they can't afford with the fee, or they have children, or they don't have time… even with those circumstances, we can see that the whole world is trying or is dreaming to get into better shape, improving their healthy, being friends with the mirror, building their self-confidence and fitting into their dream jeans.

I’m glad I was introduced to FizzUp, which has helped me become a fitter and healthier. I really enjoyed every single exercise, the tips are amazing, the recipe are delicious, healthy, simple make, and the basic version is totally free.

It's amazing to know that if you can't afford with the gym memberships or personal trainer fees, you can still have the motivation from home. As I am mum of two and I also work, I felt great knowing that I didn't need to rush my time at the gym. I can get fit at home, at a hotel or anywhere that I go. And best of all, FizzUp helps you set realistic goals that you can achieve.

The FizzUp Nutrition Guide

I have a passion for nutrition. I read all the food labels, books, articles… and what I really like in the FizzUp app was the Nutrition Guide and its recipes. The tips give you all the information for food nutrition and the great recipes to be added in your diet plan. 

Every time I am not sure what to eat, I go to the app to find out the best food for that time of the day. 

The super green smoothie and the deluxe omelette are included in my diet since I have started following their tips. I had a great experience during the month, and I recommend that everyone download the app to have the same experience that I had.



To create your FizzUp account online: 

To download the app on your smart device (for the App Store or Google Play): 

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