Jake's Boost Butter


Jake’s Boost Butter 


Jake’s Boost is a health food startup producing 

100% natural nut and seed butters,
 free from gluten, salt,
 refined sugar 
palm oil

All the products are registered with the Vegan Society. The brand has 6 products in its range so far: 

Super Boost, a blend of 6 nuts and 4 seeds, Cacao Boost, high oleic Argentinian peanuts with chia seeds and cacao nibs, and Tiger Boost, a cashew base with brazil nuts sunflower seeds, Tiger nut flour and coconut chips.


 All of those spreads also come in a snack pot version with complementary air-dried fruit crisps.

5% of their profits go to childhood food poverty charities in the UK 

because even though the UK is one of the TOP richest countries in the world, 500000 children go to school hungry every day, and especially during school holidays go a whole day without eating a proper meal. That’s why Jake’s Boost exclusively support MakeLunch at them mount, a charity running school kitchens during the holidays.

On Monday, 5th of June Jake’s Boost launched their crowdfunding campaign trying to raise money to expand the business in order to be able to help feed more children in food poverty. You can find the campaign here: here

The nut and seed butters taste great and it’s a good feeling when buying their products to not only do something good for yourself but to help a child in need at the same time. 


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