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She cured the depression with exercise

Kerllen Rego, 40,  had baby blue  after her first childbirth.  . She overcome the  baby blue with exercises and became one of the most influential fitness bloggers in UK. Get inspired with her story!

"In 2000, at the age 22, I left my hometown Goiânia (Brazil), to study marketing at London Middlesex University. It was a huge impact in my life. 

I was graduated in 2003 July and after that I got married in Goiânia , Brazil in December 2003. 

After I got married I moved to Mexico where my husband was working on that time. We lived there for few years. At the age 28, I became pregnant for  my first child. I had many friends in Mexico , the pregnancy was well and I was happy and healthy . 

But in the fifth month of pregnancy, we had to return to the UK to live in Liverpool. I started looking for hospital to get ready for her birth. Therefore with just 20 days before my daughter Carolina born, we had to move to Wales because of my husband job.

The shock of a new reality

The baby was born by natural delivery, in the local birth centre . My mother , brother and sister  came for the birth, they went back to Zurich ten days later.

From then , I started feeling lonely and depressed. Unfortunately the depression can greatly affect your thoughts, feelings, behaviours and physical wellbeing. 

We all already know that having a baby is stressful—no matter how much you've looked forward to it or how much you love your child. 

I started crying for everything and for nothing . I had a  huge impact  to have to do everything on my own without my family around. I had all the housework to do and I had the baby on my arms. It was all new for me. It was a hard time in life. 

As I was always so active, I found myself stuck to go to the gym and consequently I was feeling very down. 

Soon I realised that this feeling could be the baby blue . The lack of appetite, dropped my weight drastically to 52 kg (I have 1.73 m).

A month later after having the baby, I decided to go for a long walk with the buggy , days later  I started running pushing a buggy . I also bought many fitness DVDs to workout at home 

My routine started getting busy, consequently  I didn't have time for negative thoughts . I started getting back my self-esteem. Three months later I was completely cured . 

Based on my own experience, I decided to create social pages  to share my story and my lifestyle with others .

The social pages gave me the confidence to tell my story in public. I realised that discussing my life experience could help others who fancies the same issue in life

Kerllen Rego

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