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Hoverboards and Health
Hoverboards, also known as swegway, electric skateboard or Balance Wheel, has become popular in many countries around the world. 

It is nearly impossible to ignore the number of people using hoverboards to get around.
The swegway has been used as a type of transportation or even for sports. With just 2 hours charge the battery runs up 6 hours ride, their speeding goes between 10-15 km/h, suiting riders weighing between 20kg to 100kg.
Why hoverboards???
When my daughter asked me a hoverboard for her birthday my first reaction was,
 "Why I will give a hoverboard for a child who has their own legs to walk and to keep herself active?"
As sedentary has increased lots in children and the childhood obesity is one of the most urgent threats to our children and family.
It is also associated with many serious health problems during the childhood creating chronic conditions like diabetes, asthma and heart disease, I wondered whether these trendy two-wheelers are simply another way to avoid the exercise we all need to stay healthy.
As I am aware that the healthy lifestyle is essential for the children lives, I started to research about the hoverboard.
My feedback
I have been surprised with so many health benefits that this new electronic device have for all family. 
Today I can say that if you are looking for a new training device, the hoverboard is a great innovation that comes with technology that will help all your family be active along the day.
It occurs because the Hoverboard is suitable for a sequence of exercises. We can start by the speed.
Due their speed, the hoverboard will help you to keep the concentration level and also effects on the eyesight.
Riding a hoverboard can enhance the rider’s ‘balance and reflex’ ability. Hoverboards are run by the aerospace attitude control theory, gyroscope system, and fuzzy software algorithm. Their movements occur through the rider body inclination. That’s why a rider always needs to move backward and forward to operate the systems of acceleration, deceleration, turns and brake.

It's hard to believe but the hoverboard exercises the entire body. It works with the muscles core of the body preventing injury and eliminating back pain. 
The hoverboard helps with the posture because the rider needs to keep his back straight while riding it, it helps you to burn extra calories and it also helps to develop the cerebellum and improve the brain intelligence.
After so many benefits, I started thinking of the quality. which brand is safe to have at home? The best hoverboard brand. 
My recommendation for anyone who wants to buy a is to choose a well-known brand and a product with warranty. After doing many researches I have found the brand called Bluefin. We decided to get two hoverboards for both of girls, instead of just one for them to share. So, they could have fun together.
About the company Bluefin is an established UK Company, which focuses on the high-quality
Products. They are the most trusted supplier of hoverboards in the UK and Europe. Their hoverboards are so recommended that they have been used by BBC, ITV etc. And was most recently featured on Hollyoaks.
Positive Features
Another very positive point is their highest quality components, including a Samsung Lithium-Ion battery, a German designed Silent Motor and ultra-responsive gyro sensors. Bluefin Hoverboards are safe and built to last.
When the swegways were delivered, the happiness of our daughters was our best present. They were so excited with all the Bluefin swegway features. All their Bluefin Hoverboards come with a Bluetooth speaker inbuilt. My daughters love to Connect their phone to their board and listen to tunes whilst they ride.
Hoverboards also come with the added extra of LED light up wheel arches, to make sure you stand out from the crowd! Since they have got the swegway they don't waste their time staring at the laptop, cell phone or watching TV. They have enjoyed their hoverboard-riding, creating different movements, dancing, even running with me and doing some mothers - daughters workouts.
Carolina 12 years old said 

" I loved the hoverboard because it has got me off my phone a lot, usually I would stay on my phone all of the time but now instead of going on my phone I go on my hoverboard. The hoverboard is great fun and even if it's raining I go outside. I get along with my sister really well now because when we didn't have the hoverboard we had nothing to do all day so we usually annoyed each other but when I had the hoverboard for my birthday and my sister did we started to get along really well, also I love the hoverboard because all of my family takes turns and sometimes they fall of and we all laugh. "
Natalie 8 years old said

 "I really enjoy my swegway. I get of my iPad a lot. I play more with my sister and we never argue. We can do videos of us and we love to share them with our family. I love the swegway because I go outside more."
I can conclude that while they are riding they are getting benefits for their health.

Bluefin Swegways thank you for this enormous collaboration. 

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