The R2L works in a very different way to a shield as it actively disperses the radiation into light


              The R2L works in a very different way to a shield as it actively disperses the radiation into light .

Mobile phones have become a widespread phenomenon in our children’s lives. Around three-quarters of the world’s inhabitants have access to a mobile phone and the mobile communications story is moving to a new level, which is not so much about the phone but how it is used and the possible negative effects of mobile phone on our children’s health.  
We use our mobiles as alarm clocks, calculators, to help with shopping, pay bills, share our photos, record videos, take photos, to work and even to talk with other people. And that level of usage is where the problems can start.  
Some years ago, the concern was to set limits to ensure our kids do not spend too much time in front of a screen. Nowadays the big concern is how to control our children’s use of the smartphone.  
Being a mum, I know it is important as to set limits for our children to use this new technology.

There have been concerns that the radio waves mobile devicesproduce and receive might be unsafe. Concerns have been expressed that prolonged or frequent exposure to radio waves might increase a person's risk of health problems such as cancer. A child’s brain absorbs up to 60% more radiation than an adult brain because children’s bones are still developing

According to the NHS: "Concerns have been expressed that prolonged or frequent exposure to this radiation may increase a person’s risk of health problems.” 

The World Health Organisation (WHO) have said: Mobile phone radiation is possibly cancer causing and we advise that it’s important for mobile phone users to minimise exposure.” 

It’s time to think about how could we minimise this exposure.  
Fortunately market leading US technology firm Erchonia, in Florida, manufacturers the R2L. This discrete device can be easily fitted to any mobile device to reduce the amount of radiation absorbed into the brain by up to 70%.  
How does it do it? R2L takes the radiation emitted by the deviceand converts it into harmless light which is safely dispersed whilst illuminating its LED. 
The great news is that R2L doesn't affect performance or call quality and it works on any wireless device that uses 3G and 4G service to connect to the internet. The device will work on your smartphone, tablet, eBook reader and laptop.
Being a blogger, I use my smartphone for long periods each day and, consequently, my daughters have also been exposed to this technology. I have limited their mobile usage as I am concerned about the impact radiation could have on their healthFor that reason, really welcome the R2L that, as I’ve said, promises to reduce the heat and radiation emitted from the phone by up to 70%. For further information and peace of mind you can buy an R2L today from here

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