Suunto Spartan Trainer Watch


My running life started 12 years ago when my first daughter was born and I didn't have anyone to look after her so I could go to the gym and the crèche was too expensive.
Soon, I realised that I had to be realistic - if I want to exercise, I had to take my daughter with me. I put my daughter into the pram for a long walk. I came back home feeling happier than ever.
After that, I started running around the village. At the time, to see someone running and pushing a buggy was exceptional. Nowadays everyone from the village knows me as the mum who runs pushing a buggy. It’s funny. 
Running is a great and cheaper way to be active that you can do everywhere you go. I have just come back from my summer holiday and I have run 249 miles in August in so many different places that I went in Barcelona and Zurich.

The best thing about running is that whilst you are running, you are also exploring the city. 

I don’t feel like myself when I’m not running consistently. Usually I run 6 times per week and I’m a better version of myself when I run. It motivates me to run even when I don’t want to, pushing myself beyond my limits. 
Running in the city presents its own unique challenges. Empowerment,serenity, exploration, friendship and physical and mental well-being are just some of the fulfilling benefits of running in the city.
To become a runner, you just need a pair of trainers, and you’re ready to go. To push yourself to the limit, Suunto have introduced their new Spartan Trainer watch which will take your running to the next level, helping you to break out your usual workout routine, find your ambition and rememberwhat it feels like to be alive.

Suunto have launched the Spartan Trainer wrist HR, slim and lightweight GPS sports watch versatile for athletes and for anyone who is passionate about sport, as it uses the online sports management service and a new range of functions and facilities.
Being passionate about sport, I was surprised to know that the watch has 80 sport modes pre-installed, that I can use for any sports that I do, skiing, swimming, running, cycling, gym, yoga, hiking and more. It has saved me money as well as time
With the new Spartan Trainer watch from Suunto, I have been able to push myself to the city limits and beyond my expectations of what I can achieve.

It's always nice to be aware of our performance. With this app Suunto Movescount you can easily access your history and your training data. Based on this information, you can find online advice and challenge yourself for a better performance. You can also create your own sports diary to collect and share your activities with others from the same community. It's great for motivation.
The app can be used on IOS and Android apps.

The multisport watch also has an interactive tool that helps me to progress beyond my expectations independently of the training that I have chosen to do on that day. The watch provides information on my performance and shows my progress. It's my favourite PT. 
It is a compact, robust, handmade watch, made with the latest technology from Finland. It's an advanced multisport GPS watch with optimal wrist fit. I love this watch as it has a convenient and precise wrist-based heart rate reader, and it comes in this beautiful ocean green colour! It has helped me to train for my triathlon. Fortunately, I don’t need to worry what the weather conditions are on my run either as it’s waterproof

The watch is water resistant for 50m, is built with an extremely durable touch screen that has great visibility and has up to 10 hours battery life when in training mode.
The watch provides feedback and a summary of your workoutYou can also set up daily targets for steps and calories that will help you stay active and fit. You will definitely enjoy it. 
As I do different modalities of indoors and outdoor sports, the Suunto watch fits perfectly in all of them. 

A wrist watch is a powerful tool that not only provides the wearer with the ability to tell time, but it also communicates a personal sense of style and reflects your character
Suunto Spartan Trainer wrist HR has a unique and a sophisticated designed with five vibrant designs and colours. 

The new Suunto Spartan Trainer watch provides me with health and wellness benefits that make my life so much easier.
Since I got this watch I can’t be without it! I wear it all day apart from at night when I take it off to charge.

Thank you Suunto  for this amazing sponsorship. I really appreciate it.

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