Brigthon and Hove Triathlon




What I have learnt from training for a triathlon? 

The Dedication can teach us good lessons about self-control, overcoming and the balance between the body and mind.  

My passion for sports started when I was child. I have been always involved in some sports categories in schools and after school clubs. I started with swimming, moved on to basketball, ballet and gym. Even when my mum couldn’t take me to the classes due her work time, I walked on my own so I wouldn’t miss any classes.  

It’s part of my life and of my determination. Having a busy routine wasn’t an excuse to not work out. Before becoming a mum, I used to go to the gym at least four times a week for two hours. When I lived in Brazil, I used to wake up at 5am to go to the gym before starting work.  

When I moved to London in 2001 to do my degree in marketing, I became member from the gym at the university then I moved to Mexico where I kept myself active. I have never made excuses to not work out.  

When my first daughter was born, I found myself stuck. I didn’t have any friends around, my family was far away from me and the nursery was quite expensive. Soon, I realised that I had to be realistic: if I would like to exercise, I had to take my daughter with me. I put my daughter into the pram and I started running around the village, I haven’t stopped since. 

When my daughter was 3 years old I had the privilege to drop her to the nursery and to go to the gym. Spin always was one of my favourite class and consequently I started cycling in the road.  

When did I start thinking of Triathlon?  

I always had a dream to become triathlete, but I didn’t have the opportunity yet. In June I started planning to take part at the Brighton Triathlon. I didn’t have any idea about anything that I will need for triathlon, even the triathlon gears, wetsuit, how I will take my bike to Brighton, where to stay and so on, so I have started talking with different people to take some tips. 

From there I started to look what I need for the triathlon. One of my concerns was with my skin, that it’s sensitive with the sea salt and with the sun.  Fortunately I realised that the Sebamed has the perfect products for my skin and they have a fab range for sports. 

Their products fit perfectly in my needs. Their range is perfect for sensitive and stressed skin, especially before and after sports. Sebamed products are dermatologically tested and have a value of pH 5.5 to protect the natural barrier function of the skin’s acid mantle.  

Another big concern was the wetsuit. Thanks zone 3 or the wetsuit. Their coating helps to minimize any drag resistance and increase speed.  

Another key point was the hotel. As the roads will be closed due the event , I will have to stay in a place that I could feel welcome and that I could walk for the event.  

The Brighton Harbour Hotel was my best choice. It is  the PERFECT COASTAL ESCAPE with an unrivalled location on the iconic seafront and just 10 minutes walking from the event.  

How did I prepare for the Triathlon ? 
In the summer holiday I was off work, I started running everyday in everywhere that I went, Spain, Switzerland, England and Wales . I ran 248 Miles just in August.  

I also enjoyed my time off work doing cycling and a little of swimming. 

At the trip day.  

As I live nearby Cardiff, we left home at 8:30 am to make sure that we will get in Brighton in time for the registration.  
Arriving in Brighton we met the Sebamed team on their stand then I went for the registration.

After the registration we got back to the stand for some photos and we enjoyed the pre event triathlon. It was a fab family Time. At 4:30 pm we went to the hotel. The hotel was impeccable, the rooms were comfortable, huge, well decorated. 

And as we were in family of 4, we had to stay in two connected rooms. We loved it. In the night we went out for a quick dinner.  

At the day.  

At 6:30 am I was already awake. I was nervous, happy, and anxious. Swimming in the sea was a big fear of mine.  

The weather was beautiful than ever. The sun was shining.  We had a quick breakfast and we walked out to the event.  
Some tips for you. 

On race day remember to arrive about an hour and 15 minutes before race time in order to get marked with your race number, set up your transition area, were the wetsuit, swimming cap and goggles.  

The challenge started !!!

At 8:30 the horn beeped.....we jumped in the sea. The sea was so calm like a swimming pool. The swimming was better than I was expecting.

 The transition was fine, took me just 7 minutes. After taking the swimsuit off, I jumped on the bike. 

I was feeling so confident while cycling. Jumped out the bike to run. 
It was the greatest time, I was well prepared for running. A big part of triathlons is mental because It was my first one I was more nervous. Typically, everything is more difficult the first time we do it. The moment I crossed the finish line, I could likely go back the next day and do it all over again, and it would seem like a piece of cake.  

Why? Because all that first time stress would be gone, and you know from experience what’s involved.  

My big thank you for Sebamed, Brighton Harbour Hotel and Zone 3. Without those amazing team I will not be able to do it. 

My triathlon medal goes for you, who gave me the total support pre, during and after the event.  

Thank you!  

Kerllen Rego 

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