Dyson Light Ball Multi Floor Vacuum


Dyson Light Ball Multi Floor Vacuum

As a mum, I feel like I spend a good part of my day cleaning the house. 

I want my house to remain as clean, fresh and healthy as possible. A place where we feel comfy, cosy and at home. To achieve this, I find vacuum cleaners are indispensable. 

They are the easiest and most time saving appliances which can be used to clean just about everything in the house, whilst cleaning as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Despite its many benefits, every time I turned it on someone complained that it was too loud. 

My daughters always asked for a quieter vacuum cleaner. 

My husband has been looking for one for many years. Over the years we have had different models and brands but none compare to the efficiency of this new one.

We had many requirements for finding the perfect vacuum cleaner. 

We needed a smaller, lighter, quieter, comfortable, upright bagless vacuum, multi-floor and allergy friendly. 

We were happy and surprised to find that Dyson ticks all these boxes. 

My 8-year-old daughter Natalie was so excited that she said
“Mummy, I was dreaming about a quieter vacuum cleaner!” 
Happy Family!!!!

I don’t have an ability for putting things together, my husband assembles all the appliances at home. 

As he was away, it was time to challenge myself to put all the pieces together. My daughter helped me with this task. To be honest, it was so simple that we finished in 5 minutes. The instructions are very clear and easy to follow. Natalie read all the instructions for mummy and we assembled the vacuum cleaner together.

I was always tired after using my old vacuum cleaner but I was surprised that Dyson Light Ball took less effort to push and was actually a pleasant experience. 

The light ball gives me the flexibility of steering the machine around and under furniture. It allows me to clean all the corners of our home.

The long-reach hose releases from the body in a single smooth action and I can use the wand handle to clean ceilings, corners, stairs, curtains and other hard-to-reach places.

I am also really happy with the cord which is so long that I can plug it into a socket in the hall and vacuum the whole of the downstairs of our house,

I do exactly the same upstairs, and I don’t need to keep swapping the plug. My big concern were the stairs. 

The enormous stretchy hose and long wand combine to get to the very top of our stairs. I used the upholstery to clean the carpet. 

This brilliant tool avoids too much stick-down, keeping things relatively easy to manoeuvre. Using my old vacuum cleaner, I wasn’t able to get into the tight corner turns of our stairs as I am able to do now. 

Thanks Dyson for making my family so happy with 40% noise reduction. I can confirm that it has been achieved with no compromise in cleaning performance.

 My family doesn’t need to close the doors when I am vacuuming the house anymore. 

Dyson Light Ball is bagless making it easy to empty and no bags to buy. As a big plus, Dyson has made the 2 filters in the vacuum washable so we don't have to spend money to replace them. As we suffer from hay fever and other allergies, the allergy friendliness aspect was crucial for me. 

Fortunately, Dyson upright vacuums have an efficient whole machine filtration system, capturing over 99% of pollen, mould, and bacteria. The cyclones capture more dirt and microscopic dust than any other cyclone.

I love to think that I can use the machine in my entire house without stopping to change the setting. Dyson has a self-adjusting cleaner head that automatically adapts to different types of floor. 

I have to mention that no other vacuum cleans better across carpets and hard floors as the Dyson Light Ball does. 

Happy life!!!

The key point is the machine is much lighter than my older one and I don’t need to be thinking about how to carry the vacuum up the stairs anymore. It’s just 6.9kgs

My conclusion: 

Modern, eco-compliant bagless cleaning with outstanding results at a very attractive price. Cleaning everything is now so easy with this vacuum. It is very well thought out for convenience and ease of use.

 I highly recommend the Dyson Light Ball Multi Floor Vacuum!

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