Please vote for me - UK Blog awards


The UK Blog Awards gives the recognition to creators and help individuals and companies to grow and develop their content. Throughout December, the public voted for their favourite creators, with only the top eight reaching the final in each category. I was glad to have the unique opportunity to be the finalist in the fitness/sports category in 2017.

As I haven’t done it at the First time, I am here to try and try again.

We can never give up on our dreams because we are going to do it some time. And we will be so happy then .

Pursuing your dreams comes along with many benefits!  

Please vote for @Healthy_fitmum

Failure seems counter-intuitive in reasons not to give up our dreams, but failure is more beneficial than we might think.  Most people don’t pursue their dreams for fear of failure.  Little do they know, this is one of the biggest ways we learn and grow!
Many famous and successful Americans had to fail over and over again to achieve what they hoped to in life. i will not give up.
I am here to try out again. I will need your help voting for me here

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