Brighton and Hove Triathlon


Brighton and Hove Triathlon 

One of the best and most addicting forms of competition consisting of swimming, cycling, and running all at varying degrees of distances. Triathlon is not for the weak, for it puts the athlete in an indescribable amount of pain, but when the race is over, you want to do it again. Anyone who downplays the difficulty of a triathlon or the classification of it as a sport should be beaten.

I did my first triathlon last summer since then I have been addicted. 

The triathlon came to my life from the Sebamed invitation in 2017. I was at the gym when I received an email invitation from Sebamed for the Brighton and Hove Triathlon for September 2017

Sebamed are a brand who have a range of pH netural skincare products that are fantastic for using on all skin types and family members, and I love to use their body care when training for an event.

What an opportunity? I thought.

I will move on from runner to triathlete. Didn’t matter that I wasn’t a great swimmer, I didn’t have a wetsuit, I never had swimming in the sea before, I didn’t have a proper bike nor the bike rack to take the bike to Brighton that is 5 hours from my house. 

Yeah…I’m in , soon I replied in an email.

I can admit that the fear, anxiety, and regret congregate came to my brain and I couldn’t believe what I have done .

I forced me to focusing in the tri to work fine on the day once I wasn’t just a triathlete who has pulled me in, I was an influence representing a brand, I should do it properly.

Since then .... 

I have been passionate for triathlon. This year I accepted to take part in some triathlon competitions in different places in UK 

and I also to Paris Triathlon. 

I am pleased to have the opportunity to come back to Brighton a year later where all started.


I must admit that I forced me to concentrate into the tri categories. 

Running is my passion. I just need a pair of trainers that I run. I had many races and the London Marathon in 2018. It was great to improve my running.

As swimming is my weakness I started religiously swimming at least 3 times per week. I also went to swim classes in Brazil during my 6 weeks summer holiday. I never had a swimming class before. I learnt to swim on my own.

The classes helped me to swim properly, building endurance, muscle strengthening and cardiovascular fitness.

Thanks zone 3 to have sent me a proper wetsuit for my tri competitions. 

In June Shimano and Ridley sponsors me with a new bike for triathlons and not just any bike, this was a proper road carbon bike and I started cycling it everywhere with my neighbour who became my coach. 

I am a lucky person to live in a beautiful mountain place in Wales that allow me to go for long 6 to 7 hours cycling in the beautiful Brecon Beaconsalso did many races trainings . 

Thanks Thule who has sponsoring me with an outstanding toolbar bike rack that Allowed me to take my bike to everywhere. And even with suitcases to fit all my triathlon stuffs . 

My first long riding challenge was from London to Brighton in June. What an experience!!! 

Finally, I was feeling ready to have a new experience at Brighton triathlon a year later

A Day Before

Finally I get in Brighton in time to take my chip after a terrible traffic to Brighton on that day. It took me 5 hours to arrive in Brighton, I was so worried to not get in there in time. 

Getting to the event village I took my number, the chip and I rack my bike for the next day . 

Brighton is an amazing and welcome place to visit. It’s a family town. The Pier is where we spend most of our time while we are in the city. The girls love the rides, I always rearward them with two days unlimited rides. I know that it’s not easy being in the car for so many hours, then they have to wake up early , go to the race, and they have to come back to school on the following Monday morning . 

The hotel is another important point for our staying. On this time we had an incredible experience at Jury’s hotel. 

It is a beautiful seafront hotel, quirky shops and incredible range of entertainment, located just a few minutes from the Pier, and nearby the triathlon.

Race Day

Luckily I didn’t need to wake up so early for the triathlonwhat normally I have to. My wave time was 8:55 am and I had enough time to get in there.

During the breakfast I was trying to keep calm with my family mainly because I love to eat breakfast at the races day, mainly because I can have a good portion of carb what I usually don’t have

Then we walked to the event village where I should drop my transition gears and get ready for the starting. 

My huge fear was the sea that was rough on that morning. The waves were enormous .... I tried to keep calm and don’t think about that. 

The swim

I had in my mind, if I survive the swim I will do my best on cycling and running .

The swimming atmosphere was completely different from my two previous triathlon. We were just women and there weren’t so many there. I will not have any people swimming over me or kicking me when they passed. Thanks God. 

A good luck kiss from my family 

Time to go, walking on the pebbles was tough :) .... some photos before the horn and here we go.

Trying to get in the first obstacle was the hardest part because of the waves. For the first time in triathlon I managed to swim front crawl and felt strong. My swim had improved, I felt confident and I wasn’t tired at all. 

Then I ran towards my bike, I knew that the hardest part was over….


I had a great transition, I starting taking the swimsuit as soon as I left the seand I just needed to put my cycling shoes on.

Thanks Shimano to have the pedals designed to hang down in the same orientation no matter where the crank arm is in its revolution. This is handy because it makes clipping in far easier as it means the section of the pedal where I  first engage the cleat will be pointing upwards at all times when I am unclipped. It gives me more confidence when I am in transition. 

Luckily the Ridley bike is really light ( as you can see when I or my daughter lift it up!). When my arms are tired from swimming it’s really light and easy to change the gear. Also, even though the weather was dry, the disc brakes gave  me a huge advantage allowing me to stop the bike quickly.  had to cycling for 4 laps. Luckily it was flat however for some instance I missed the counting. I wasn’t unsure if I had cycled for 2 or 3 Laps. Luckily I had my watch on my wrist that gave me an idea of how many miles I had done . 


The transition was very smooth. I just needed to change the cycling for running trainers and here we go all over again . 

The run was two laps of a route by the seaside.

The spectators were very supportive. I tried to keep up my pace the same for as long as possible. when I see the finish line , I ran as fast as I could, my family was there to give me the best support as ever and ....

It’s done !!!!!! I have done for the second consecutive year the Brighton Hoven Triathlon.

Comparing one year to another , I can confess that I was feeling more confident and happy to have had the wonderful opportunity to take part of this beautiful event for two years .

The Aftermath 

Triathlon is a sport of repetitive motion. On the swim, bike and run, you repeat the same motion over and over again, and it takes millions of these repetitions to improve. The same concept applies to mental skills acquisition.

I have no doubt that after a year I am more confident and the competition was much smoother than a year ago . I wasn’t so nervous ... 

We have the power to choose our thoughts. It’s amazing to set a goal and accomplish this .

Nothing better than crossing the finish line with my family applauses, hugs and kisses. Having their support in all my competitions is my major prize. 

Every competition is unique. The emotional mixes up and I feel over the moon. I am so pleased to have done the Brighton Hoven Triathlon for the two consecutive years. 

Okay, let’s go back for the aftermaths :). After crossing the finishing line, I met my family, I have taken some 🙄 many photos at the podium 

and I went to Sebamed Stand to thank them for this amazing opportunity. I couldn’t be done without them.

Then I took my bikes, walked to the hotel, I had a wonderful shower and we spent the afternoon at the Pier.

I am sure that my children will have great memories that they will take for life.


Thank you Sebamed for inviting me for two consecutive years to take part in this amazing event. I will not be a triathlete if I haven’t received your first invitation in 2017.

Also to Shimano and Ridley, They have been incredibly supportive . Triathlon is not a cheap sports and without them it couldn’t be possible. They have supplied me with a new outstanding carbon bike , all the accessories , gears and all that one triathlete needed for the competition.

Zone 3, who have sponsored me with all the wet costumers and for Thule for the bike rack and luggage. 

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